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Some fractals need change

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If you look at what a fractal is, it supposed to be something quick with skippable content.
here some example :

  1. Volcanic fractal : you have a little event, a road, a little boss and a road you can skip then the final boss.
  2. urban fractal : you have a little boss, a road you can skip and final boss
  3. thaumanova : you have a little boss, a road dealing dmg you can solo and skip with teleports, a puzzle, a little event and a boss
  4. Molten boss : you have a road you can skip, then a little boss then road and final boss

In all of this, you have boss that doesn't stay alive a lot of time but have little mechanics like molten, the first boss you kill power up the second one. Or thaumanova where you need to move around or use the special action key one by one to skip the mechanic.

now we get those :

  1. sunqua peak : story, a little boss, story, a little boss, road, a little boss, story, final boss
  2. silent surf : a puzzle jump then a 15min boss ?!
  3. lonely tower : a road, a puzzle then a 15min boss ?!

This can be a lot better easily and look more like standard fractal with just little change.

For sunqua, when you arrive at the air enemis, you should fight him, then the water one come and you fight it then the fire one. Making all the fight at the same place and don't have a lot of road to do. Then you get a portal or whatever to go next to the door where the deer tell you everything for 3min, at this place, make the puzzle jump that let you skip behind the door let you go directly to the boss and skip the whole dialogue !
For silent surf : make the split mechanic only at 50% so only once, not twice. Then nerf the boss hp to the same amount of the shatter observatory first boss.

For lonely tower : reduce the hp of the boss to the same amount of the thaumanova boss.

Fractal are supposed to be rushed by player. If you want a boss that stay alive for 15min go do strikes ! Don't blend strikes into fractals ! I really enjoyed the daily fractals, now, i really don't want to do it if it has 100 or 99 or 98.. thanks ANET


(ps : sorry for my english, not my main language)

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